Dixon riding lawn mower

by Joan
(Ontario, Ny)

My Dixon Lawn Mower is my favorite yard tool. It has a zero turning ratio so it can spin around on a dime. I never enjoyed mowing the lawn before I got this "bad baby".

I start out by cutting the very bounderies of the yard and it hugs the edges and chugs up the hills and swales of the land.

At each tree and bush I am able to circle around very close to the trunk of the plant and drivers take thier eyes off of the road a little too long as I amaze them with my circling machine

I am sure my husband would describe the mechanics of this gem. I don't pay much attention to that. It works very well and I enjoy mowing the lawn more than ever.

When I ask my husband to get it out for me, I have to be ready or he will take off with it and pretend he can not hear me yelling "to get off! I am mowing the lawn!"

I realize a man would speak more about the engine and power. As a woman I am concerned about comfort, performance and safety, not in that order. If you remove yourself from the seat the blades automatically shut off. There is a key start, a blade on and off switch and of course the power lever.

The lawn mower is manuvered with two levers which concerned me at first but after about ten minutes I could easily manage it and would not want to return to a mower with a steering wheel.

For me there is nothing better than the thrill of riding my Dixon.

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May 09, 2012
Just okay, but.....
by: Anonymous

this ZTR needssome kind of axle oscillation. Its sturdy frame just might be a little too sturdy, as it will not keep constant pressure on all four tires on the ground. If uneven ground causes the weight of one of the rear drive tires to get "light", you can be assured of a scuff mark in the grass where the tire starts to lose contact and digs up some turf. This does not usually happen on a mower with an oscillating front axle found on many other ZTR mowers. I have a curved retaining wall on a slight slope, and it is impossible not to drag some dirt out with the rear tire, no matter how slow and deliberate I try.

Mar 15, 2011
What a POS
by: Anonymous

After reading quite a few reviews on different lawn tractors, I decided to purchase the Husqvarna Dixon D22KH46 lawnmower tractor.
Many reviews complained about the poor quality of Husqvarna products and how bad their lawn tractors are. Then I started reading about Dixon Lawn tractors and how the quality was suppose to be better.
I found positive reviews and made the purchase.
What a Mistake!

After only 5 hours on the unit, it started to fall apart. Literality parts falling off.
One of the mowers deck leveling wheels fell off. Taking a close look at it, the wheel is held on to the deck with a piece of 1 inch angle iron. The problem is the angle iron only had 1/8 of an inch of weld holding the 2 inches of bracket on to the deck.
Looking closer to the other three wheels the quality of the welds are also very poor.
My biggest concern is how is the rest of the tractor held together and what next is going to fall off my New Husqvarna Dixon Lawn tractor Mower.

Husqvarna customer service is non- existent. There website offers no way to email anyone.
You can leave a comment, like I did. I receive a short answer from a no reply email account telling me to contact one of their service centers.
Which I did, they wanted $80.00 to pick my tractor up to be evaluated.
This New Husqvarna Dixon Lawn tractor Mower only has 5 hours of use on it.
Give me a break.
My advice to anyone considering purchasing a New Husqvarna Dixon Lawn tractor Mower or any Husqvarna, DON’T!
Say Away.

What is going to happen when my New Husqvarna Dixon Lawn tractor Mower is not new anymore and has a 100 hours on it?
Did I just throw my $1800.00 away?

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