Earthwise 18" Corded Electric Mower

by Jen Johnson
(Metairie, LA)

My name is Jen and I live in a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana. A couple months ago, I purchased my first push lawn mower. I bought an Earthwise 18”Corded Electric Mower for $187.00 at Wal-Mart. I didn’t really know what to expect, but just so you know…

This is NOT your parents’ mower. The assembly doesn’t require tools at all. It’s EASY to start (just pull a lever back… No cord to yank!!) and it runs quietly, so you don’t disturb your neighbors. It’s pretty easy to push and it does the job very well. Another thing that is nice about this mower is the height adjustment feature. It has more than one setting, and is easy to change. We have a fairly large lot (normal suburban size), and I can mow it in about .5 - 1 hour.

I really like that it doesn’t use gasoline, so the purchase price was all I had to worry about! It doesn’t smoke or smell horrible when you crank it either, which of course is a good thing! It also comes with a bag to attach to make clean up a breeze. The mower looks sleek as it is lime green and black. Not the same old, same old red or green!

The only negative things I have to say about this mower is that it comes unplugged relatively easily, so we came up with tying the cord around the handle and then plugging it in… And it is kind of hard to get used to moving the cord. If you take the advice to mow from the power source outward, it really is no problem at all! I really love this mower and would recommend it to friends and family who were looking. This mower also comes with a two year warranty.

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