Earthwise 20 Inch Electric 3-in-1 Lawn Mower (12 Amp)

by Darren Kemetko
(Sandusky, OH)

With plenty of experience working with lawnmowers for over three decades (I run a small lawnmowing outfit), I knew that the Earthwise mower would be a good purchase.

It is manufactured by the American Lawn Mower Company who have been manufacturing mowers for over a century, which should provide some peace of mind to those who are looking for a reliable mower.

I use both small hand mowers and larger ride-ons and this Earthwise model is definitely near the top of the mid-size mowers I have used recently.

The primary draw of this mower is its ease of use and ultimate efficiency. The comfort of the grip is something I noticed right away - a feature which is sadly missing from competitor mowers. On top of this, it was easy to operate and stow when I was finished using it - just fold the handle in with a click.

Whilst the Earthwise is definitely a heavy beast, this is because of its large 20-inch base that allows a greater surface area of grass to be cut with each push - a real timesaver.

Easily the best features of the Earthwise, though, are the disposal chutes. Available to users are either side disposal chutes or a back loaded bag that collects offcuts. Whilst this is pretty standard on good mowers, the Earthwise makes it a breeze to switch between the two to suit individual needs.

The unit is a bit pricey but definitely worth the extra money for buyers looking to keep their mowers for a few good years rather than replace every year. Highly recommended.

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Jun 08, 2010
Earthwise.. not so good
by: Anonymous

I benchmarked about 6 electric mowers, and this was about the worst of the group. The battery connection is watertight, but very inconvenient. This thing is crazy heavy, as well, and the poorly designed wheels broke under it's own weight when mowing on an incline.

Anybody that can recommend this mower either has a flat level yard the size of a swimming pool or a stake in it's success.

Mar 18, 2009
Big mistake in the bags design
by: John

I got tired of always having to run to the gas station to purchase gas, I would inevitably spill gas in my car, and then spill gas while filing up the lawn mower and resigned myself to generally smelling like gas all day. So I decided to purchase an electric lawn mower once I had moved to a smaller house, with a smaller lawn. First it is real quiet which I enjoy. Not having to pull on a cord to start the lawnmower alone is worth it, just turn a key. No more going deaf from mowing the lawn either.

It is light weight so it makes it easier to push across the lawn as well as maneuver around trees and flower beds. I also find the light weight helps in storing it into a very cramped storage shed. It has an adjustable handle that is padded which makes mowing easier on my back and hands which I appreciate very much

The mulching is great. It creates very fine mulch so I do not have to worry about big lumps of grass killing my lawn. I usually cut my lawn one a week. When I could not now the lawn during my normal time frame because of bad weather there became a problem. The lawn was much longer than usual and the mulching option was leaving a lot of grass clippings so I decided to use the bag. The person who designed the bag made a big mistake. The way the bag is designed there is a hump in the middle of the intake, which I found when mowing a long lawn kept getting clogged. So it was a real pain to have to constantly remove the bag to unclog it.

Once you get used to having to always be careful of where the power cord is, having never used an electric mower, it is great. I would recommend this lawn mower to everyone who mows regularly. Letting the lawn get too long in between mowings will cause some difficulties, but overall I am very satisfied with this lawn mower and would recommend it.

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