Exmark Lazer CT Zero Turn

I recently used an Exmark Lazer CT Zero Turn lawn mower. This was a great machine that allowed me to cut grass at a higher speed than most other mowers.

I also liked the ease of adjusting the level of the deck so I could cut the grass higher when we were having a dry spell in the middle of the summer.

Another element of the lawn mower that I like is the comfortable ride. Most lawn mowers are bumpy even when they are going slow but this mower really cushioned the contour of the yard.

As with most lawn mowers I was pleased with the safety features that this one offered in that you had to be sitting down and had the seat belt closed in order to have the blades running.

Knowing that you cant jump off and move something in the yard with the blades running is not only safe for the operator but also for the people who may be around you.

Overall, the best attribute of the mower was the zero radius turning that it could accomplish. By requiring no room to turn, it can practically fit anywhere allowing for more enjoyable experience and less of the annoying weed trimming afterwards.

The overall design of the mower makes it very easy to get on and off of. The typical riding lawn mower may cause trouble for some people because of the type fit for the driver from the seat the the steering wheel and they may have toe throw their legs up over the seat to get situated properly.

With the open front of this mower, anyone would be able to get on an off in a snap and if leaves plenty of room to operate no matter what size or shape a person is.

With this open front design, the operator can also see what is going on directly in front of the mower. Often times something may be lying in the grass like a dog toy or a kid's toy and the traditional mower would make it more difficult to locate something like that but with this mower, you can stop yourself right before it becomes too late. The steering and driving style of this machine also make it preferable.

Using a lever for the right side and a lever for the left side makes a lot of sense and makes it much more easy to navigate turns, go in reverse, and get as close as possible to obstructions in the yard.

The traditional riding mowers are much more difficult to swing into tight spots and are typicaly difficult to go from forward to reverse.

Overall, I loved this mower and would reccomend to it anyone from a commercial landscaper to some working on their own private yard.

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