Friendly Robotics RoboMower RL1000

Being a older person, I have issues sometimes getting around. This also comes into play when my yard is in need of maintenance. So instead of buy a riding lawn mower when my old one died. I got the Friendly Robotics RoboMower; I saw it at a trade show, where it worked great, so I ordered in through the companies’ phone center. A side note, the people who answer the phones are very nice, professional, and helpful.

So to continue, I got the little guy in about a week or so. I had the next store kid help me get it going, which was interesting to see. The instructions were pretty well off, confusing sometimes, but I just read it slower and it made sense. It says that I should stay outside to watch it because the first couple times it runs; it has to map the yard. So I allowed it to run its course. There were some snags but once it got the yard area mapped, it was fine. I still watch it because it is so hi tech. Plus, at
$2,000 dollars, would you leave it outside alone.

The grass cutting was weak and sloppy at first, but again a neighbor came over and fixed the issue. The trick is to change the stock blade on the mower. I love having smart people around. Then since there was a issue with the blade not stopping when it was picked up, I got that modified too. After the issues were fixed, I loved it.

- I don’t have to ever push or ride another mower again.
- Works all by himself, yes I think it’s a him.

- Had to be modified to work correctly.
- Blade didn’t stop if it was picked up when stuck. Not advisable for kids.

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