Great States Push Reel Mower

by Judy

We bought the Great States Push Reel Mower last month and have been happy with this purchase ever since. In a time when most people are trying to be more friendly toward the environment, a push reel mower can be a small part of the solution.

Not having to fill the little gas can and deal with the horrible smell of fuel is a definite plus to this person powered mower. Storage is easy due to it being much smaller than any powered mower I have ever seen. Getting some extra exercise is also an advantage, although I don't find it to be that difficult to push. The best benefit for me is knowing that keeping my lawn looking good isn't harming the planet.

I would recommend this mower for any household with occupants capable of using it. If a person has trouble walking or their yard is huge, it may be difficult to use a push reel mower. The only other issue that I have found with this type of mower is that it does not cut some of the weeds well. Even after going after an area several times, some weeds still stand only a little trimmed.

I have seen sharpening kits for the Great States push reel mower, which may fix this issue. I cannot say for sure because we have not bought the kit. A few weeds here and there do not bother us.

On the whole, I find the Great States Push Reel Mower to be a great purchase. Even saving a small amount on gas makes a big difference.

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May 08, 2009
Great to be green
by: Anonymous

I just got this mower and I am pretty happy with it. It is a Walmart brand and the price was just about one hundred dollars and that included taxes and shipping it directly to my house. The lawn mower arrived in under a week.

Even though the lawn mower had to be put together when I received it, the process was not too bad. However I really think that they could sell them assembled for those of us that hate putting things together.

This lawn mower allows me to be 'green' and not waste gas - this is especially important with gas prices what they are now! And I do not need to store gas or go get it which is great since I do not want to keep gas in my garage because of the possibility of a fire.

I also do not have to smell those horrible gas fumes while mowing.

I like being able to wake up early in the morning to mow the lawn so I can avoid the horrible Texas heat and this mower does not even wake the neighbors!

The blades seem good and sturdy and my grass is fairly thick and rough. Sometimes you have to back up to clear grass from the blades especially when the grass is really long.

One thing I don't like is that it does not cut right up to the fence and walls because the wheel is in the way so it actually leaves about two inches of grass that needs to be hand cut or weed whacked.

But I guess that is the price to pay for 'green' and inexpensive. I recommend it for small yards like my own but would not recommend it for large yards unless you really want a workout.

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