Honda HRC216HXA

by Lizzie Lin

Okay, so I am a woman. Let's go ahead and get that out the way. A year ago, I walked into my local mom and pop lawnmower store and told them I wanted a lawnmower.

I needed a lawnmower that would start every time I cranked it, I needed it to be self-propelled, and I really needed it to not break down.

I said, "I want a lawnmower that will cut grass all day every day if I need it to." I was shown the Honda and told it was a commercial grade without unnecessary bells and whistles and this would be the best lawnmower for a "lovely lady like you."

I bought it, the owner and I loaded it in my Jeep and I went home. I got my son to help me get it out of the Jeep and fired it up. I have been mowing with it ever since. It fires off every time on the first crank.

I had the oil changed with the new season. It has been uncomplicated and a breeze to handle. My son has now scored him two mowing jobs with our neighbors, so we have been giving it a real workout.

We have never had a problem. It is the best investment I ever made.

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