Honda HRR21623DC

The lawnmower starts easily, runs well and is generally easy to operate. I have had no problem starting it even after periods of non use of several months. One reason that it is important that it starts easily is because there is a bar that needs to be squeezed to the handle in order to allow the engine to start. Each time that you release this bar (take your hands off the handle) the motor will stop.

I have had the machine for three years and have had no problems with it. The engine sound is loud and I prefer to wear hearing protection when I cut my grass. The blade arrangement has two blades which provides very good mulching even in grass that is dense and tall. It can bog down but only when the grass has missed a mowing or two and is also wet.

The unit is heavy and a little awkward in small areas due to the weight. The weight is not usually a problem because the rear wheels are driven. This drive is engaged by a clutch that is operated through a second bar that needs to be squeezed down to the handle bar. Three speeds provide a decent range of cutting speeds that should suit any user. After three years of rear wheel drive mechanism appears to need some adjustment. The only other problem that I have had occurred when I turned the machine on its side for cleaning.

This allowed oil to leak out through the carburetor and into the air cleaner. This oil blocked the air flow through the air cleaner and the unit could not be used until a new air cleaner element was installed. I can recommend this machine as a well built and trouble-free unit that should last for many years.

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