Honda HRR216K5PDA

by john

My appreciation started at first sight for this for this lawn mower called the Honda HRR Series--HRR216K5PDA. The manly colors of gray and red caught my attention as soon as I laid eyes on it. It just looks like a lawn mower that says, "let's go cut some grass." As soon as I brought the mower home, I took a look at it and tried to assemble the rear bag. That was a little difficult.

But to be honest, as a typical man I went straight to the assembly process. Instructions were ignored on the first try. On the second try, the instructions were consulted. Initial read of the instructions caused momentary confusion but by the second read of the instructions, I was ready to go. The rear bag was assembled and attached within five minutes of reading the instructions for the second time. Next came time to add the fuel.

Before adding the fuel, I called over my next door neighbor to see this machine. He is always showing off his new tools and finally I had a brand new lawn mower to show him. He was impressed. He did not say a word for a few minutes. He did not ask his typical questions because he knew right away this is a lawn mower that can do anything. He watched as I gased up the mower. Next I started it and overall noise was lower than expected. I hate loud mowers and this mower has a lower noise output than other mowers in the neighborhood.

The warranty is impressive also, but to be honest in over 30 years of cutting my lawn, I have never brought a mower in for service. So although the warranty is impressive it will most likely not be used. I adjusted the height to the lowest setting and away I went. It is a pleasure to cut my lawn now. The engine starts right up and away we go.

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Apr 25, 2010
Bad grass catching design
by: Anonymous

I love the easy start, one pull and your on your way. The problem I have is grass sticking in the under carridge, I admit if it's wet it should probably stick but even when it was dry I had to clean the under carridge which wasn't as easy as my old Toro. The clippings are a mess when you empty the bag, because more clippings are around the opening and fall in a clump to the ground. It cuts great but not everything goes into the bag.

Nov 16, 2009
high mowing height
by: Grady

This is a solid mower designed for homeowner but obviously built to last.

Pros: starts easily; dual blade system cuts great; strong engine

Cons: mowing height; bag is messy to empty; wheels stick out too far

The highest height setting for this mower is 3-1/4" which is too short for fescue. My previous mower's highest setting was 3-1/2" and it did fine and I didn't tink another 1/4" would make a difference but I was wrong. It makes no sense why the range starts at 3/4". It seams like they could make the range from 1-3/4" to 4-1/4". What are people cutting at 3/4" high?

The bag system is not efficient. It doesn't do a great job of picking up all clippings. I've had cheaper mowers that do a better job. Also, clippings accumulate around the bag connection to the mower and when you remove the bag the clippings fall on the ground or stay around the bag connection area. Again, I've had cheaper mowers that don't have this problem.

The front wheels stick out too far in front and prevent close mowing in tight areas.

My biggest complaint with this mower is the mowing height. I can live with the other issues because overall it's mower that is well built and should last a long time. I've bought some larger wheels and I'm waiting on the wheel bolts to arrive. Until then I'm dealing with a scalped yard.

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