by Jerry
(Loganville, GA)

Brush Cut

Brush Cut

I purchased the subject mower at Home Depot on 03/21/2009. By the time mowing season started in earnest their 30 day return period had expired.

By the time I spoke to the Honda Customer Service people in July we had noticed some peculiar things the mower was doing, and the mowing results were unacceptable. (brush cut). See attached pictures.
In July, at their direction, I put the mower in my truck and took it to a HONDA repair shop. Their attempts resulted in a very small improvement in the weight distribution.

The mower is still “teetering” between the RF and LR wheels. (probably a WARPED housing). As a result, when the mower is put into motion, INERTIA causes the CG to shift to the rear, in this case the RR (right rear). It, the RR sinks, the LF raises up, and the result is a very poor mowing job. Mulching is almost non-existent.
I’ve spent a lot of time attempting to remedy this problem .

Wrote a letter to the HONDA Service
Representatives telling them the above. They wrote back told me to take it to the shop again. I'm to COURT we go!!!!!!!!

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Jan 21, 2015
Pure garbage
by: John Catalfomo

Have owned this lawnmower for 2 1/2 years of which has been in repair shop 4 times totaling about 1 year plus. Last time I brought mower in I told them to keep it. I could have gotten it repaired under the warranty and sold it but I have a conscience, something Honda obviously does not. I wanted a new mower, they said they would do another the repair, so I told them they could keep it as a gift from me to them. Never was I so disappointed with a company as I was with Honda. I guess you are never to old to learn. My advise to you is to buy anything except a Honda mower. Unless it doesn't start right out of the box, you did better than I did.

Jul 10, 2014
Don't buy a Honda
by: Junk Honda

Bought the HHR216VKA at Home Crapo on 5-6-2014.
After 2 months, intake valve went and Home crapo will not exchange after 30 days. They sent us to a repair shop who admitted that Honda knows about this problem. They tried to fix it and got it home only to have the valve break again, so back to the repair shop, and the shop called Honda this time and Honda said if after the 2nd fix, if this will not work they will ship a new engine out. No longer will I spend another dime of my money on a Honda product or spend money at Home Depot. I will now go to my local lawn dealer for all my lawn mower needs from now on. If you are smart stay as far away as possible from this model, Home Depot, and Honda and save yourself the headaches we have been dealing with. I'm now using my dads 17 yr old craftsman to mow my lawn till I get this CRAPPY Honda back from the shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 06, 2013
Can't pull backwards
by: Ric

I'm another one of those Honda owners whose mower will not roll backwards. It has been in 2 different authorized Honda repair shops since March of this year (5 months) and no one can determine the cause. The ratchet assemblies in the wheels have been cleaned and lubed, the belt and even the transmission have been replaced, but it has not been fixed. I don't know if the fact that the left front wheel floats in the air has anything to do with this or not. I bought this mower last year and only got 1 season of use out of it before the problem started. Now for my $400, I have a non-functioning parts mower and had to buy a new (not Honda) mower to use this summer. I won't even get into the starting issue due to the auto-choke not closing properly. Don't believe the hype about Honda's "legendary" reliability.

Jul 11, 2013
Honda HR536
by: Anonymous

I have the same transmission problem with my 536 - cant pull it backwards. Was ok most of last year but towards end of year it started getting more difficult to pull back. I am not sure how to remove the transmission unit. . Anyone got any ideas


Aug 25, 2011
Cuts too darn short!!
by: John

I did my share of investigation before I bought my Honda lawmower. What I've been appalled at though is the limited height adjustment for cutting the lawn. Even at the highest height adjustment (about 3 inches), the lawn is being cut way to short!! The only way I can get a little closer to the height I want is by going past the highest notch and resting the "tit" on the side of sprocket. Everything else about the Honda is excellent: The drive, the mulching, the engine. Called customer service and they told me: It is what it is. Great!!!

Jul 11, 2011
FL wheel not always hitting the ground
by: Dennis

Purchased the unit middle of April 2011 preparing for the new mowing season. Happened to notice what is mentioned in the comment title a little while later. Took back to my dealer, under warranty, and some parts between the wheel and the deck were ordered and ultimately replaced. Well, that did not resolve anything. Mechanic basically stated he did not know what else to do w/o checking with Honda. I went to the floor of the business and noticed the other HRR 216VKA did the exact same thing. So much for my idea of swapping out the unit which the mechanic stated dealer would not do that anyway as I had already added gasoline to my unit (!)

I reached HOnda Power Equipment in Georgia and told 'Russel' everything he would need to know and he stated I would hear back from someone in a couple days. 'Theresa' called the next day right away and told me I could take it to one of a couple other dealers about 30miles away from me/dealer as she stated my mechanic was out for an operation. I told her no, I would not do that and reminded her to remind my dealer there was another mechanic at the dealer. Was also told they would inform him of the short/quick procedure to repair the problem under warranty. So, I take it in a second time for repair, now, and the next day I receive a Vmail from the mechanic stating he called Honda for the short/quick procedure...stated it did not work as the deck NOW needs replacing and Honda will send one out.

Appears I will miss my next scheduled lawn mowing unless it is sent quickly and finally repaired in a timely fashion.

What a hassle.
My suggestion is to check out the mentioned front wheel problem first. I would like to believe not all of these models have this problem??

Otherwise I am glad I finally got around to buying the 'reliable' Honda lawn mowers which were not sold in my area until recently it seems.

Good luck out there!

May 28, 2011
honda hrr216vka
by: David

LIke it extremely well, whells are no problem, front wheel some times is uneven, but still get a smooth cut, only negative comment is, that no where in the owners manual is any words concerning replacing the belt when it either comes off or breaks, think a paragraph should be added to explain how to remove and replace the belt. Excellent mower, would buy another.

Aug 31, 2010
Rust and Lies from Honda
by: Tim

I bought a Honda lawn mower eight years ago and that might sound like a long time, but I am from Canada where our mowing season is about 4 months long.
The mower worked well but I noticed the paint blistering a couple of years ago and this year the deck started literally rusting away in chunks. The discharge chute rusted through and that splayed the wheels so pushing it became too hard. I asked around and a lot of people have mowers older than eight years and none of them have rust problems like this.

Looking at Honda's new marketing, rust prevention seems to be paramount in their communication I wonder why that is? I contacted my dealer and they told me its a lawn mower, maybe try Honda. I contacted Honda and that is when it really fell apart. Initially they told me that I was S.O.L. and when I pushed and asked if their products were disposable they reviewed it further, I was then told to take my mower to my dealer and they would install a used deck for me.

I thought this was acceptable but when I took my mower to my dealer they knew nothing of that agreement. The dealer in the mean time had sold the used deck they had, curious timing? The dale had an engine but a deck that needed to be replaced, I wonder why a deck would need to be replaced. The dealer sold this put together mower and I was without help.

It wasn't this point I was told Honda wold only cover 1/2 hour labour and I would have to cover 1 1/2 hour labour and pay $ 123.00 for a new deck. Never once had Honda told me I would have to pay to have the deck replaced used or not. After some prodding Honda offered to supply the deck but me the labour and this is only after I have posted 5 complaints on various internet sites. I did not accept this as I feel I was lied to by Honda and taken advantage of.

It is obvious they had bad metal in their decks and we as consumers suffer. This is after we as loyal customers pay a premium with our money to buy their brand. I own and have owned numerous HOnda products and left to wonder is this the attitude of someone in customer service thinking they are helping their company by refusing an hours labour? or is this the new corporate mentality of Honda?

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