Honda HRX

by Donna
(Edgewater Park, NJ)

The Honda HRX lawn mower has been a great addition to my lawn and garden maintenance equipment. The selling point other then being the Honda is that you can remove the bag and empty it without turning the mower off.

This self propelled mower was purchased after very carefully shopping around for a new mower. Originally the plan was to purchase a mower like my neighbors, but buying a John Deere seemed out of my price range.

After price and comparison shopping we arrived at this Honda Hrx which was sold at our local Home Depot for $799.00. Yes the price tag is hefty, but when it comes to mowers we knew that we were getting what we paid for.

This mower is self propelled and we have a decent sized yard so that was a must have. The double blades really chop the grass up into fine mulch which is excellent for our gardens.

The bag is huge so we have to stop mowing less often to empty it, but if we decide to mulch it into the lawn it is so fine and light that there is no over spray onto the sidewalk making almost no cleanup!

The body casing is very durable. The fact that you can adjust the speed of the mower wheels is a plus as there are days where I just do not have the energy to move as fast. Also having a large gas tank is very nice!

I am able to fill the tank up when I see gas at a decent price and I can perform several mows before running out. This also allows me to shop around for the best price of gas and with it teetering on four dollars right now this is a huge help!

I highly recommend this mower even though there was a recall this year… Honda recommended that we not use the mower until the repair was made on the roto spring.

We took it to Home Depot May 6, 2008 and they sent it out immediately. Unfortunately, even though Honda sent recall letters in February, they were not equipped with enough replacement parts.

It took four weeks to get the mower back and even though we borrowed the neighbor’s mower three times, our grass had grown so high that we had ducks living in our front lawn!

Other then this severe inconvenience the mower has been a true plus to our lawn equipment.

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