Honda HRX217HXA

by Priscilla
(Orlando, FL, US)

As a recent college graduate, I recently found the perfect home in my area. House maintenance is something I have learned to both love, but dread due to the maintenance of the machines, and the hot Florida Sun. However, after purchasing the Honda HRX217K2HXA, I can say that my lawn care has been pleasantly simplified!

Growing up, I always saw my dad having to fidget for a few minutes with the lawn mower just to start it. With my mower, it starts super fast and without a lot of priming.

I'm the type of person that wants to cut the grass at dawn, and I doubt that I'd be motivated to do so with a loud lawn mower. Mine is just so quiet that I can cut the grass without disturbing my family nor my neighbors.

My house is situated on a hill so I need a mower with good grip, and my Honda does the trick. She grips well, even in loose dirt. And the cruise-control has to be my favorite feature.

My family thinks I've worked horrifically hard when I come inside drenched with sweat, but little do they know that the sweat can be blamed on the Florida sun, rather than because I've been forcefully pushing the mower around the whole lawn!

I never thought I'd love a machine so much. It requires little maintenance because it's so resistant to rust.

Besides that, it's extremely easy to clean. Nothing can beat my Honda.

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