Honda HRX-217K2-HXA lawn mower

by Asha Jayaraman
(Palani, India)

The Better among the Best Lawn mower

Homes sport a fashionable look with well-maintained lush green lawn in the front area. Many varieties of lawn mowers are available in the market which offers distinct and unique features. Therefore they must be carefully chosen depending on requirement of the lawn size, affordability, maintenance, ground condition, etc. The technique of using sharp blades on a cylinder that spins while cutting grass is called reel mowing. The cutting height can be adjusted in this category of lawn mower and therefore the end result is shorter grass.

The blade?s rotation, which is smooth and even, in the rotary lawn mower is determined by engine speed. They cut short grass finely rather than unkempt, longer ones. Large areas covered by lawns would need riding lawn mowers. Decisions on purchasing lawn mowers might be complete when you have done your homework on which one is appropriate for your needs. Salesmen often guide people to select lawn mowers.

The proud possession of my home is a Honda HRX-217K2-HXA lawn mower. It operated with very little noise. The lawn-cutting task would have hardly begun, but it would be completed within a jiffy, in a manner envied by professional lawn cutters. The powerful 190cc engine with trouble-free performance was the foremost advantage of my lawn mower. A life-time guarantee from Honda Company gave me the security of maintenance-free lifetime with unique and immediate service. The oil or gas consumption was minimal was due to the usage of 4-stroke engine.

Sharp blades and trimming a damp garden of grass can affect the blade?s quality. Regular mowing by making wide turns on the turf is recommended. Water should be poured in limited quantity to lawns. For longer life, cleaning the mower is mandatory. Good quality lawn mowers are an integral part of every household that preserve superior quality grass.

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Dec 04, 2008
Short Lifetime
by: HRX owner

Lifetime warranty applies only to the Nexite polymer deck. The rest of the mower in residential use is warranted for 3 years.

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