Husqvarna 21 inch push mower 9613300302 Honda GCV 160 engine

by chris jarmonkey

Husqvarna push mower with Honda engine a solid buy

If you are looking for a quality mower that gives reliable service, I feel the Husqvarna 21 inch push mower model #9613300302 is a safe bet. That’s why I got one.

This model comes with an awesome Honda GCV 160 engine. The engine is great it has plenty of power, but also is good because it uses Honda technology to put out lower emissions and help save the environment.

The price is mid range on these mowers, but considering the product I believe it is worth it. One great thing about this mower is that it starts really easy. I have got it to start on the first or second pull since I bought this mower a year ago. There is nothing more annoying when Sunday finally rolls around and I’m ready to mow my lawn, but spend the whole time cleaning the spark plugs and spraying starter fluid in the carburetor. None, of that with this bad boy.

This is also a mulching mower, and came with a bag which is nice if your yard needs a break from too many clippings. The bag is easily removable so it’s easy to bag up your clippings. I’ve had good luck with other Husqvarna equipment. I also own a chain saw that hasn’t failed me yet. Even though I like this company I’m a little ashamed I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce it’s name properly.

When I picked this one out at the store I was like I’ll take that husq-“cough”arna so I didn’t feel dumb. The sales man didn’t seem to notice though. Despite the hard to pronounce name the quality and engineering of their mowers is top notch. I don’t see how anyone could go wrong with this Husqvarna/Honda combo. I personally really enjoy using this mower and recommend it to any one looking for something dependable and an all round good product.

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Mar 24, 2014
also own a Honda gcv 160lao s3a engine
by: Big Al

Lawn mower worked one season! Second season won't start. Can put starter fluid in and it starts for a few seconds then stops. Not worth the effort if carburetor plugs every year.

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