Husqvarna 23-HP Hydrostatic 48 inch Lawn Tractor

by Nena

I own a Husqvarna 23-HP Hydrostatic 48 inch Lawn Tractor. At first when I was contemplating buying a riding mower there were so many to choose from. Naturally the first brand name that came to mind was a John Deere. However, that was out of my price range. So I did some research and we finally settled on the Husqvarna.

I do not really care for the bright orange color but I decided if it did the job right it I would just have to get used to that. I have owned my riding mower for just over 2 years now I have really no complaints. It has a comfortable seat; it is also equipped with headlights. This really comes in handy in the summer when we want to mow when the sun has gone down and the air is a bit cooler. It has a 3 gallon tank so we usually don’t have to fill up too often. As far as this machine goes we have had no trouble when cleaning it. We hose it down and then let it dry. I opted not to purchase any other accessories for the machine. However I do wish I had bought the covering so we can keep it protected when not in use. So now I have opted to use a tarp for this purpose.

It rides pretty comfortable and has good steering power. My husband especially loves using it and having his cup of cold juice in the cup holder. We also purchased the 2 year warranty.

When we did call in for the machine to be serviced it was a breeze. The company came out and picked it up and returned it. We were a bit surprised that the blades had to be serviced in such a short time span but the repairman said it was not unusually seeing how much cutting can take place during the year. Finally I would say I would give my machine 5 stars. The price was good and it does the job. Happy mowing.

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