Husqvarna 54" riding mower

by mark lindsay
(gary, IN)

We bought this Husqvarna riding tractor from Lowe's about two years ago. Ever since we purchased it it has been a terrific mower. Even during winter time when we need it to run it starts right up and runs like a champ.

We purchased several attachments for the mower including a tiller, a snow plow blade, and a trailer. It has become a versatile lawn tractor that we use for many different yard maintenance activities.

It seems as though we will be able to keep this tractor for years and years to come, it is so durable. We have even taken to mowing our neighbors lawns for them because we enjoy using it so much.

When attached to the tractor the snowplow blade can be used for many different things. We have used it to move dirt around for our new garden spot and to push piles of leaves into one large pile for burning (not while theyre burning!).

We have also used this blade to move snow of course and it is a lot of fun getting out and clearing your driveway and walk in a very fast and easy way instead of having to shovel it all for hours.

We purchased a tiller when we were going to sod our new lawn and used that quite a lot. It was a very easy and fast way to till up and turn over the soil before sodding. We also tilled it again with a fertilizer mixture to prepare for the sod appliucation.

It would have taken us weeks of raking to get all of that done I think.

Once yhou attach the trailer to the tractor you have a machine you can use to haul all of your yard debris into the woods or to your mulch pile or just move it around.

We used it several times to move heavy objects around that would have bene difficult to carry also. Sometimes the dog goes for a ride while we mow also!

Of course as strictly a mower this machine is superb. We mow our entire front and back yeard in under an hour quite nicely.

It has a very wide deck, several speeds to operate at and you can adjust the hieght to your desire. We get a very professional result and it saves us a lot of time to do other things.

It is also very comfortable to ride and doesn't beat you up like some of the larger tractors can do.

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