Husqvarna 650221CHV

by Bill Savage
(Lakeside Montana)

This past spring we planted nearly 10,000 square feet of new lawn. As the lawn was on a slope it was going to be difficult to use our old power mower and because of the steepness of the slope I decided against purchasing a riding model.

The best choice seemed to be a walk-behind propelled mower and I settled on the Husqvarna 65022. This model met all expectations in that it is extremely easy starting (push the primer 5-6 times and it usually starts on the first pull of the cord). The engine is somewhat quieter than past mowers I have owned. The belt driven front wheel drive is effective going up a slope, pulling the mower up without any problem. The larger diameter of the rear wheels makes moving the mower from one location to another when not under power, very much easier than is the case when all four wheels are of a smaller diameter.

A feature I particulary like is the design of the grass catcher which is such that when full it is easy to carry by the top handle in that the catcher is nicely balanced.

The drive control lever and housing is of rather light plastic which was of some concern. However, the lever and housing seem to be sturdy enough when the mower is being operated. The lever does not have to be pulled hard at all to engage the drive belt.

The only problem I have had with this mower was that the drive cable had a kink in it. I didn't notice this until I had started using the mower. I then taped the cable to the mower handle at the kink hoping that the kink would cause no problems. After about 10 mowings however the cable broke.

The merchant I purchased the mower at gave me a new cable assembly with no questions asked. It took me about 20 minutes maximum to install the new cable.

I am very pleased with Husqvarna as a brand having used theit weed trimmers and chainsaws in the past.

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