Husqvarna - Rider 155

If you’re looking for a zero turn riding mower but don't want the hassles and maintenance expense of a hydraulic system then this mower could fill the bill.

The mid-body articulating steering system allows for a turning radius of only 4" and the front mounted mower deck is easy to see and maneuver under and around landscape foliage and lawn furniture. Five easy controls operate forward, reverse, stop, mower deck engagement, and blade height adjustment. Hydrostatic transmission means NO gear shift required.

Mower is available in either 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. I think my next one will be the 4 wheel drive version. Mower deck has 2 horizontally fixed anti scalping wheels that slide across the turf during turns.

Other countries get the design that pivot and rotate on a vertical axis much like zero turn models available in the USA. A deck height range of 2 - 5 inches would be better than the 1.6 – 3.5 inches available. As with the anti scalping wheel the mower deck options are greatly increased in other countries. The CombiClip® cutting deck comes ready to rear discharge or to BioClip® (mulch).

A highly rated and value adding feature is the ease in which blade and deck maintenance can be performed. By removing one cover, one pin and disengaging one belt the deck can be rolled on supplied wheels to an upright position making blade removal and deck cleaning an easy chore.

- easy controls
- easy maintenance

Rating - 4

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May 29, 2019
Great machine
by: Anonymous

Had mine since 2002 and still the best mower I’ve ever owned. Yes, you have to replace parts occasionally as with any machine. has everything for this mower. The deck design ensures that you will never scalp any spot in your yard. The ingenious design of the deck makes it so easy to service the blades. Saw an earlier post about shear pins- they are there for a reason! Easy to replace and can be found in any hardware store

Jun 25, 2014
Husq. Rider 155
by: Anonymous

I've had mine for ten years and the only thing I replaced is the throttle cable. The wife uses it with ease.

Oct 06, 2013
BEWARE - Husqvarna
by: Anonymous

I mowed my 2 1/2 acres with a Grasshopper ZTR for twelve years. What a great mower. It finally got long in the tooth so I traded it in for the latest and greatest commercial grade Husquvarna. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!!! After two hours of mowing the engine through a rod. I returned to the dealer (Devuall equipment - Shawnee, Oklahoma) who did stand up and have the motor replaced (of course I had to arrange transportation). When I got it home and mowed two more hours the 172" drive belt jumped off and shredded. I took it back and they were hesitant but replaced the belt. Four hours later another shredded belt. This time the dealer placed on a home made belt keeper that kept the next belt on for almost 20 hours of use. I managed to average about 20-30 hours of use on replacement belts (belts cost $90 each) after that. At 128 hours on the meter I noticed my latest belt was smoking and found that all three of the blade drive spindles were locking up. Guess what no way to grease or lube them... I am currently hoping to get some sort of trade out of this POS. This commerical grade mower costs in excess of $6000 to buy. You can the plan on spending $20 an hour for maintenance... not counting gas and oil.

If you are considering a ZTR, do yourself a big favor and stay away from the Husky...

Aug 15, 2012
who wants to sell
by: Anonymous

im near houston,tx and will like to purchase that same mower...please email me if yall decide to sell

Jul 16, 2011
Replacing a belt
by: Anonymous

Can anyone help with replacing the belt. I have misplaced the owners manual.

Jul 04, 2011
decent but expensive to maintain
by: WilsonC

Bought mine 10 years ago, this is the first year having real starting issues. Still working on fixing it. All parts have to be ordered Online, best place so far has been I've literally had parts like the solenoid come in the next day. I've had to replace blades, due to the shear pin, every year, sometimes more than once, so keep them on hand. Your looking at 60-80 for a set of 3 with the shear pins, and that's a deal. If I get it fixed, I'll be looking for an adapter to use a more universal blade (if I can find a blade the same size). Excellent Kohler motor and can change blades in 15 minutes. Cuts as well as my John Deer push mower. Documentation for troubleshooting could be better, especially electrical. I could recommend this mower if you have a yard that is pretty manicured already. If you are in a rural setting, like mine with tree roots popping up, you might get something more robust.

Feb 02, 2011
Shear pin nightmare.
by: Anonymous

The shear pins from the factory are a pain to get, so you can count on fabricating your own. If you're using this on a yard that may have an occassional rock, stick or something, you will end up shearing them and a 1-2 hour repair will follow (assuming you even have some).

Jul 30, 2010
Blade shear pin replacement
by: Tom-Montana

Hit a rock that sheared all three blade shear pins. Bought new pins but can not get the collar off the shafts to install the new pins. Any ideas?

Jul 08, 2010
mixed feelings
by: JD

Quick and simple...

Pros...beautiful cut, mulches great, user friendly, and alot of fun to use.

Cons...when you need to replace a part be prepared to wait at MINIMUM 2 weeks for the part!! seems like all parts get back ordered, twice now I have waited a MONTH to get a part. And seems like any part you need averages around $60 - $80 !!!

Had mine for 6 years now and so far I have replaced...

2 forward and reverse cable/rod
1 steering cable
4 belts
1 throttle cable
1 deck adjustment button assembly
1 exhaust pipe (from engine to muffler)
1 blade spindle (with the bearings and all)

total down time...estamate about 3+ months
total amount spent on parts...estamate about $400 - $500 (giving the benifit of doubt).

I should also mention that I use mine semi-comercially.

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