Husqvarna Yard Tractor LTH1538

by Amy Runion
(Louisville, KY, US)

The Husqvarna Yard Tractor lawn tractor was given to us as a wedding gift from my husband's parents. In the past I had only used push mowers, but with such a large yard we really needed a lawn tractor. The Husqvarna handles really well.

Our front lawn is very hilly and I have never had a problem manuvering the mower. The turning radius is wonderful.

This was a plus since we have a lot of trees in our yard. It does seem to lose some power when trying to drive up hill, but not enough to be a problem.

The stability is also great. I was afraid that it could tip over easily on the hill, but it handles like a pro.

The adjustable seating is very comfortable and could easily accomadate a larger person. The only real problem that I have had with it is the fact that I cannot mow very close to our front walk.

I always have to have my husband use a weed wacker along the walkway.

We will definately stick with Husqvarna products in the future. It is a very reliable lawn tractor and the quality is outstanding.

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