Hustler Super Z

by Alex

The mower I am writing about is a Hustler Super Z. It is a zero turn riding lawn mower with a 54 in cutting deck. This mower uses thee blades to cut a really wide swath. I really like this mower. It has tons of power no matter what length of grass you are cutting and it has superb traction when on hills.

This mower has two large gas tanks, enough for a lot of cutting. The controls are very easy to use and not complicated to run. This mower is very safe as well due to the seat activated kill switch. If the blades are running and you stand up, the engine will shut off. There is a very nice parking brake on this machine that will not let the mower move once it is engaged. This mower has very good maneuverability since it has two hydrostatic motors (one on each back tire) to turn 360 in a very small area.

This machine is heavy (1500lbs) which makes it very stable and comfortable to ride around on. Everything is very solid and does not feel like is going to fall apart. My only problems with it are the deck is raised or lowered by you foot. There is a catch for keeping the deck up and it sometimes catches when you don’t want it to, so you have to go back over the same spots. The blades are a little incontinent to change as well; since the deck is under the middle it doesn’t flip up.

You need to find a spot to prop the front of the machine up on and then crawl under to get the three blades off and on. This makes it a little slower than it could be to change blades, but really not a huge problem. Overall this machine is fantastic, power to spare, handles easily, comfortable to use and even a novice like me can run it like someone who knows what they are doing.

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Apr 23, 2013
Need advise hustler super z
by: Anonymous

Advise needed ,
Hi , I have super z hustler has done 2000 hrs .
Problem: now and than loss power and can not even drive up slop or while mowing , it just slow down and stop as if there is no fuel .
I have changed battery , air filter , washed fuel tank but still have problems . Some time it works , sometime it doesn't .
Any suggestions ?

Aug 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

hustler diesel mowers suck

Jul 23, 2012
Hustler 2011 Review
by: Riverview

We have 2011 super z with 31 hp, 280hrs & its been to dealer for roll bar broken from factory, brakes ripped apart inside of wheels, voltgage regulator plug burned up wires, muffler cracked at welds, burned throtle & choke cables, gas caps didnt give room to fill tanks, buyer beware our new Ferris IS 3100 with 32hp Biggs Big Block is hands down a mean machine same hrs as hustler not problem one, new icd deck puts down better cut, plenty of power, ride is untouchable, this is the mower to buy no bull here!

Apr 25, 2012
Working Great
by: Alonzo M

My first Z Turn mower 2012 60" 31hp, mowing 6 acres is easy with this machine, kaw engine needs a little choke to start, but once you find the right touch ,starts right up, love it, hope to holds up for many years Alonzo M South Central Texas

Jan 02, 2011
'09 Hustler Super Z
by: Travis R

I have a 2009 Hustler Super Z. It has a 31 hp Kawasaki engine and the 60" XR-7 deck.
I purchased it new in August of 2009. As of today, 1/2/11, the mower has 70 hours on it. Only problem I've had was a stopped up fuel filter. I Love this mower!!

The 2011 Super Zs are completely re-designed. Supposed to be a whole new machine.

Oct 01, 2010
Overheating Cutout?
by: Jim G.

Our Schools Super Z works fine for a while but then shuts off for some reason. Then will crank for a while but not want to start. Is there some heat sensor on this air cooled unit?

May 27, 2010
nice try
by: Anonymous

I work for a city cutting grass and my experince with the super z has not been a pleasant one the engine is problematic it frequently overheats and in our case needed to be completely replaced before it reached one thousand hours and the new engine still has the same problems.

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