John Deere 19.5 HP ModelBG20444

by wendy
(waco, Tx, US)

We recently purchased this mower from Home Depot.It is wonderful and we have no complaints whatsoever!

First, it is great to look at with the classic green and yellow paint scheme.

The seat is large and very padded. It is also adjustable and has enough of a back on it to make you very comfortable and give some support.

It comes with a Cargo Mount feature which allows you to add a bagger or a sun canopy easily without alot of fuss.

It makes an even, level cut, that gives a professionally landscaped look. I have not experienced this with other mowers.

It has some extra features that were unexpected but very nice, such as a drink holder(although I'm not sure how you are supposed to keep grass out of your drink...bottled water maybe?) and a cell phone holder(again, not sure how you would hear your phone while mowing, but I guess it's there if you need it.) and a cargo net on the back of the seat.

You have the option of turning off the blade while backing up, which I find very helpful if you like making nice even rows.It turns very smoothly, not rough or jerky like other mowers we have owned in the past.

From the first time we turned the key, this mower has never sputtered or smoked. Just a surprisingly smooth ride.

We would definitely buy another John Deere after owning this one. I understand that they last practically forever though, so we may not have to.

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