John Deere 21HP Lawn Tractor

by Kim

A few months ago I bought a new John Deere 21HP Lawn Tractor and I have got to say…it really is so nice. It handles great, and it was so easy to learn. This is my first ride-around lawn mover, and I’m so happy with my decision! The price was a little hard to swallow, but I got over that as soon as I took it for a ride.

It maneuvers great around trees and flowers, which works great for me cause I have got great big trees in my backyard. I have used a push lawn mower in the past so I wouldn’t have to worry about running over my flowerbed.

The engine is crazy! It is so powerful, I could not believe it at first. Whether it is snowing, raining, or a super hot day, this machine can take it all. Another reason I worried about getting a riding mower was because I have a huge hill in my front yard, and I didn’t think a mower could make it up. This guy took that hill like a champ… no worries!

Last, but certainly not least… I cannot forget about the cup holder. I love that cup holder! There’s nothing I like more on a Sunday afternoon than hanging out, mowing my lawn, getting a little sun and drinking a beer. It really is just super relaxing. I would recommend this to anyone with a big yard, or with a lot of things in the yard that they are worried about running over.

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