John Deere 300 Series

by Leslie
(Hamilton )

I purchased my John Deere riding lawn mower from a garage sale. The gentleman stated it didn't run.

We took it home, replaced the battery and one tire and it ran like a champ. Having always heard that John Deere sells reputable mowers, I felt that purchasing an "experienced" mower was the way to go. This mower has been extremely dependable. I use this mower once a week to mow my four acre yard. The turning radius is a bit less desirable than I need, but it does the job. I do find that I need to have the blades sharpened a bit more often than other mowers, but that also may be because of the amount of grass I have to continue to cut.

I'm particularly amazed at the condition. This particular mower spent many years unprotected yet shows no rust, in fact, it's still the almost same brilliant green known to John Deere mowers. The horse power on this engine is very sufficient. It takes me just a little over one hour to completely mow my yard.

While this mower is plenty capable of sustaining a bagger, front blade or snow blower, I have none of the above. I did, however, speak with a John Deere salesman. He has informed me that I can still order those parts and at a very decent price. The only items really lacking on my "experienced" mower is a drink holder and a plug in for my cd player. That's ok though. It's one very reliable machine!

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May 20, 2011
Great when it works
by: Anonymous

I have 70 hours of use and have had it stored and maintained by the dealer for the 4 years I've owned it. That said I have had a number of issues with the electrical system. I used to own a brand purchased through a large retailer that was frankly more reliable.

Apr 16, 2009
Great maneuverability
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased a John Deere x300 lawn mower. The lawn mower was an excellent purchase on my part and works well for my backyard. I paid 3,000 out the door for it in January and have yet had a problem with it of any kind.

The lawnmower is powered by a 17 hp engine and powers through the grass quite easily. It was advertised as having a great maneuverability, and it definitely does, as my backyard is littered with stones, trees, and bushes.

The only bone I have to pick with it, are its generally smaller size then the other lawnmowers, meaning it can take about half an hour to mow all of the grass on my two acre yard.

The lawnmower sips gas as well, taking a long time before I need to refill the tank, something that is important now with the rising gas prices.

The ride is pretty comfortable as far a lawn mower standards are, but I would definitely not spend more then an hour sitting on it for fear of back pains.

Overall I believe it was an excellent purchase on my part, and a very satisfying one at that.

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