John Deere 445 riding mower

Purchased this tractor on May 6th 1999. I've never had any issues with it yet. I just change the oil and had to purchase some small parts for it. Its always been garage kept and looks new.

I mow with it at least once a week, use the roller in the spring and use the snow blower in the winter.

I clean the mower deck once a month. There is no rust on the tractor it is waxed once a year and washed occasionally.

A very nice tractor I would recommend it to someone in need of a good mower if you have the extra money.

John Deere's are quite expensive and are not made as well as they used to be they keep adding more plastic to the body.

OverallI amhappy with this tractor because it hasn't needed to be repaired and has be used quite a bit in the last nine years.

So if your looking for a nice tractor checkout John Deere's. Keep it in the garage keepit clean and you shouldn't have any problems. If I ever decide tobuy another tractorit will be another John Deere.

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