John Deere EZtrak Z225

by David Z

I bought this zero turn radius mower about 2 months ago from a friend. At first I was leary as to why he would be selling a brand new mower for cheap, but I went through with it.

It is a decision I have not regretted. It mows well at the higher speed settings and the pattern doesn't look chopper, as if I cut it with a scissors. It legitimately turns on a dime. One of my only complaints however, is the frustrating fact that it is a real gas guzzler.

Although, it requires some seasonal maintenance (any mower does) it is relatively hassle free too. I have a small lawn as it is, but this mower makes it seem even smaller. I can cut my 1/4 acre in 15 minutes, and it only takes that long because I have to slow down to get around trees and the shed.

Steering is easy, and it handles like much more expensive mower. I'm not sure how much it goes for in the store, but this friend said I was getting it at about half price. Assuming that price I paid was doubled, I would still pay it for this fantastic mower.

Clearly, you should think about buying this mower. Especially if you have a large area to mow. Or if you have many obstacles in your yard. The zero turn radius feature is truly a big help. After trying this mower out a few times, I immediately sold my old Briggs & Stratton mower. In relation to my initial apprehensions of buying this mower, I am completely happy with it.

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Dec 27, 2013
Really Disappointed
by: Anonymous

I bought a new JD ez trac z225 mower. Paid good money for a unit that has 19.4 hours of mowing time on it, and has already had a new top end installed on it because the fuel system loads the cylinder up with fuel. My dealer says that it's cause of the Ethanol blended fuel. I am running high grade shell (real gas). I have put 9 hours on this mower since the new top end work was done, it's doing it again. My local dealer says that it's now out of warranty (only 19.4 hours) on it. It is way underpowered, don't mow level, and the high dollar bagging system don't work either. This unit should not have any JD GREEN Paint on it, JUST YELLOW, cause it's a true lemon.

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