John Deere is the only lawn mower for me

by Crystal Tackett

Speaking from experience, our John Deere is the best lawn mower I have ever had the pleasure of sitting my butt on. I have been using riding lawnmowers since I was a young teenager. The lawn mower we have now has a deck washing system that is to die for.

It makes cleaning the blades and the underside of the mower deck a breeze to clean. Also, John Deere has a variety of things that you can buy for your mower, such as trailers, bagging systems, all different prices so you are sure to find what you need within your budget. I was really surprised at how cheap the mowers are now.

They now have drink holders on there, and cell phone holders, the gas tank is easy to see and to refill, and it's so green!

I could just go on and on about all the different stuff on it, but all it boils down to is that for the money you pay to buy some of those other brands, whom in my opinion are not near as good as John Deere, you could probably take a nice vacation somewhere. Or you could always buy your John Deere a few more accessories.

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Nov 17, 2011
runs like a dead deer
by: Anonymous

my D110 does not start after only 3 hours of runs like a dead deere.

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