John Deere LA 175 V-Twin Els 54" 26HP

by Timmy

I recently purchased this Lawn Tractor last summer 2008.

It is excellent on fuel and provides a comfortable smooth grass cutting experience. The seat is cushioned and has a lumbar adjustment so you can get comfortable for sitting a long duration of time.

This tractor is quite powerful for being a lawn cutting device the motor is a 26HP Briggs and Stratton which a long lasting good quality engine and I expect that this tractor will last me at least 5 years of more.

The color of the tractor is green and the turning radius is 18inches, also it has headlights so you don't have to be limited to just cutting your lawn during the day. The tractor came with an attachable mulch kit so you can accomplish mulching along with grass cutting.

This tractor is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission which runs smoothly I can hardly notice the switching of gears during the times I am operating this machine. The blade is fairly large measuring a 54" chopping down the tallest of grass and the smallest of shrubs not like my old push mower where you push into a large are of grass and the mower can't handle it with my new tractor I never have to worry about this.

This machine is equipped with a cruise control system so I can set the speed and sit back and steer this feature is great for when I am cutting large areas. My tractors steering wheel has a soft grip and doesn't make my hands sweaty while I am holding on to it. I can also choose what length I want to cut my grass with the EDGE tm cutting system I can adjust the height of the blade at 1/4" increments.

This tractor is extremely easy to clean all I have to do get the hose out and spray it down the grass comes out easily and I just scoop it up and throw it into the trash unlike modern day push mowers where you have to turn it upside down and reach your hand in there to pull out old clumps of grass.

I did pay a lot of money for my new tractor but I am glad I made this investment because this is a great lawn cutting device to have and makes the work so much easier.

- excellent on fuel
- comfortable and powerful

- expensive

4.5 out of 5

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May 19, 2015
LA 175 Junk
by: Hernando MS

Stay away from the John Deere LA175. I bought it from Lowes because of the name. It has 150 hrs and I have replaced the steering gears at least 5 times. The seat has fallen off twice. The transmission slips and the deck doesn't cut flat. I could have bought 4 Troy Bilt Pony's for the price I paid for this junk. I will never own anything green and yellow again. As a matter of fact, I threw away the free John Deere hat they sent me!

Aug 02, 2013
Seat Problem
by: Terry

My LA175 John Deere also has problems with the seat, it won't stay in the lock position and continues to move up and down, very annoying and disappointed as I went back to John Deere looking for quality again.......????

Nov 17, 2011
Seat bolt and body shell isue led to seat and driver flipping of the mower backwards.pera
by: Ron

My LA175 was purchased in Oct 2010 and in May of 2011 the 12 gauge sheet metal of the body of my tractor erupted around the seat bolts that pass through them and the seat flipped off the body backwards and off the body body panel of the tractor......with me in the seat. I attempted to work with John Deere but they were not very concerned or cooperative. I learned that there were 300,000 plus of these lawn tractors built. John Deere insisted they had not seen this problem before. I am 6'2" and 215 lbs. Well within the specs. Has anyone inspected their LA175 seat attachment bolts lately. They may become a safety issue. Has anyone observed this issue or been in the same position?????

Jul 08, 2011
should last 4 or 5 yrs
by: Anonymous

I still use a 1965 John Deere 110 to mow lawn and cultivate garden..sure hope that new one lasts more than 4 or 5 yrs? was thinking of buying a used 175 ? and retire the ole girl.

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