John Deere LA135

by Duane
(Two Harbors MN)

We have had John Deere riding mowers for many years.

We NEVE had a problem with John Deere Mowers until last year we purchased a new John Deere 135.

BIG MISTAKE. We bought the 135 to keep our lawn groomed by cutting the grass-not burning our lawn up.

First I thought we had a gas leak because of all the large the brown spots in our yard. In checking found no gas leal but the cause is when ever I stop moving with the mower but leave it run even for a few seconds the exhaust burns the grass leaving it very unsightly to say the least.
I have wrote to John Deere some time ago and explained the situation and how dissatisfied we were as a result of the burn spots. To date WE HAVE HAD NO RESPONSE!!

I would think John Deere has Engineers that could fix this faulty situation and send what ever is needed to
remedy the problem-FREE of CHARGE.

I can only WARN future John Deere LOOKERS- if you want a nice lawn until this matter is corrected by John Deere DO NOT BUY-


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