John Deere LA175 48-inch Riding Mower

I have owned and operated a new John Deere LA175 Riding mower with optional bagger and 48” cut, for a little over a year now. I have to say that over all this was an excellent buy. I have approximately 4 acres I mow between one to two times a week. With the mower I have also utilized the hitch and added trailer power and control switch to run a sprayer and a dump trailer. I purchased this mower because before I was operating a very old mower that would have something break every other cut. I decided I needed to buy something that would last and be able to build up a number of hours of operation with little service.

Over all I have logged approximately 40 hours of use in the last year. I have changed the oil, replaced a faulty battery and replaced the cutting blades and belt after hitting a log, so they were replaced because of abuse and not from a defect.

The bagger that I ordered with my unit is a two bag system and works well although I find my self empting the bags very often. I have to be careful and usually not operate the bagger if the grass is to long or slightly moist as it tends to clog the hose feeding the bags. Over all very satisfied and would recommend the John Deere LA175 riding mower to anyone.

- Body styling over all, very appealing and comfortable seat and controls and very affective headlights.
- Cut Quality, nothing cuts like a Deere, is so true.

- Battery wasn’t 100% covered under warranty and was prorated by my dealer.
- Cost, but I believe I got what I paid for and other then a few damages due to improper use, it has been very reliable.

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