John Deere LT190

by Jeremy

My new riding lawn tractor found its way home a few months ago. Woohoo! I was actually excited to go out and mow the lawn, but instead me and my wife ended up going shopping.

So, I had to wait and mowed a small section of our back yard a day later after work. It was hot outside so I carefully placed a tasty beverage in the mower’s convenient cup holder and I was on my way.

Iâ€'ve never been on a riding lawn mower before and I must say, it was a lot of fun. A go-kart with blades. I wasn't too impressed with the LT190 ability to eat up long grass and weeds, but the rider sure saves a lot of time. I kept finding numerous blades of grass that were getting missed right down the middle of where I was cutting. That's probably because my grass was about a foot high, but still. When I'd turn, the cutting deck seems to lean to one side, creating a very uneven cut. I found myself going over my old tracks time and time again just to make sure I got every last blade of grass.

Hopefully next time, I won't let the lawn get a foot high and the LT190 will behave a little better. I'm just glad I don't have to walk around my yard for 3 hours following the ole self-propelled walk-behind Toro.

Now if it would only start snowing! I need an excuse to head back to the store and get the snow blade for this thing!

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Feb 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

They must have snuck in you garage at night and switched your premium LT190 for a home depot special! Half the 'shelf life' of the original JD line of tractor mowers. But half the price...

Jul 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

If that is the picture of your tractor I am sorry to say you don't have a premium JD LT190. What you have is the entry level JD L120 tractor. Just an FYI

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