John Deere Model BG20444 riding mower

John Deere Model BG20444 I love it, I have 1/3 acre and I can do it in just under an hour. Its very easy to operate and fun. My wife and I argue about who is going to mow the lawn.

The bagger attachment works great and has never clogged up on me. Very powerful machine can cut grass over one foot high.

I would definately reccomend this unit to anyone looking for a tough lawn mower. It was ready to got right out of the box and is loaded with safety features.

If you get up off of the seat it stalls. Its five forward and single revers gears make it very easy and fast to complete your task.

The headlight system provides ample light for working in dark areas. there are about twenty different height settings for a perfect cut every time.

I do not have one negative thing to say about this unit. This is exactly what i would expect from a Deere mower.

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