John Deere Riding Mower ( Smallest rider)

by Jan M
(Barrington, IL USA)

Why I love my John Deere Riding Lawn Mower

We purchased a John Deere riding lawnmower about nine years ago. After mowing our grass for several years with a push mower, we knew that we needed a more powerful mower. Our yard is the Seattle area was very soggy at certain times of the year making the push mower almost impossible to use. The John Deere mower cut through the thick soggy grass and mowed with ease.

Our mower is one of the smallest riders. You don?t even have gears to shift, just forward and reverse. The mower is packed with safety features such as the motor stops when you move off the seat or a safety button must be pushed if you are in reverse with the mower blade engaged.

We now have a yard with a very steep hill. This mower is extremely stable I have never felt like the mower could tip. When I?m mowing on this hill, I?m very thankful we choose to get a John Deere.

The John Deere lawn mower has been extremely reliable. The only time it would not start is when I ran out of gas. After I figured out the problem, it started right up.

We might have paid a bit more for this mower upfront. I?ve never been sorry. I count on the reliability and safety features, but I enjoy the handling and ride. This John Deere mower will be with us a long time and I?m so glad that we invested in a good solid performer.

Yes, I really do love my John Deere green and yellow riding mower.

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