John Deere Scotts Mower

by Alex B.
(Dillon, MT)

The mower I use is a Scotts manufactured by John Deere. It is a really nice mower. I have owned this same mower for about 7 years now and have had no problems with it. It still runs like it did when I first got it.

It is a little dirtier now, but all components are still functioning the way they should. I use the mower to cut our acre of grass every week in the summer. It does a great job and is easy to maneuver and is easy to walk behind.

This mower (when it was new) was at the top of the line due to the rear wheel drive system that the mower has. There are not a lot of manufactures that produce mowers with rear wheel drive. I find that it is easier to steer as well as having more traction going up hills. It uses three gears going forward and even after 7 years it still shifts fine.

The engine is a Briggs and Stratton 6.5hp, so it was built really well and has plenty of power. All the plastic parts on the mower are not cracked, broken or otherwise missing. This mower was built using the best parts by the best companies. It has a bag system that isn’t the easiest or most effective way to go about bagging grass. For what I do with the mower I don’t need to use the bag system (it mulches perfectly).

My problem with it is the bag is a little small, so it fills rather fast. The outlet for the baggier goes out the side of the machine, instead of out the back. This makes for a shorter machine, but makes a strange turn for the clippings to follow, which causes some clogging issues when the grass is a little wet or the grass is kind of tall.

Overall this machine has done a really good job for what I do with it and I really couldn’t ask for any more from it. I am very happy with the purchase and am impressed by the longevity of the machine

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Jun 06, 2013
by: Lance

I bought my mower at home depot in Sudbury.ont about 12 years ago it is the best riding mower I have had the pleasure to use I have to cut my grass every 2 days I cut about an one and a half acres of thick grass. never had to fix it just regular maintenance only thing I regret I should have got the bagger system with it. cant find it anywhere

Jul 07, 2010
Scotts John Deere Lawn Tractor
by: Arnold

I purchased the Lawn Tractor from Home Depot 11 years ago as I had just purchased two acres in Georgia very hilly the yard was rough had to have over two hundred dump truck of dirt put in the yard and all of it graded. The Lawn Tractor is a 17 hp. 42 in cut and it helped get the yard ready for grass and has since mowed it once a week, with only $200.00 of repair for the last eleven years. I purchased a troy- bilt Lawn Tractor 20 hp when the john deere went into the shop for the only repair it has ever had. The Troy-built lasted 3 cuttings doing the same things as the John Deere!!!! I have gotten rid of the Troy -bilt

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