John Deere with a Honda motor

My husband is a real lawnmower man. He's been through several because they don't meet his approval.

The one he has currently is a Frankenstein of sorts. He has a John Deere mower with a Honda motor. He spliced them together after parts failed on each separate one.

I'm finding that this works very well. The only real issue we have is that there is no bagger on this mower even though it mulches. If we could afford it, I'm sure we'd have a $500 Honda mower. Be that as it may, I’m sure that he will continue to buy lawn mowers at garage or tag sales and to troll Craigslist looking for good deals.

The funniest part is that we are only on a quarter of an acre. We don’t have a lot of land. The mower we have does an excellent job of cutting the grass evenly, even though most of the time it sounds like it’s dying a slow death.

I think that if you’re handy, you can certainly tinker enough to make anything work. My hubby is a mechanic, so he’s good with the tinkering.

He gets immense satisfaction from taking two or more mowers apart and making a souped up version of who knows what.

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Jun 29, 2010
Honda John Deere
by: John

I have owned and used a walkbehind John Deere lawn mower for about 25 years....only problem is that it now getting a bit tired....Briggs engine us using oil.
One feature I particularily like is a one hand single lever height control. It works and works well and it is easy to use.
I am looking for another mower ....Honda has a 190cc engine OHV type which I think is possibly one of the better ones.
I would like to combine both the single lever height control and the 190 cc Honda engine.

??How do I get this combination short of buying a Honda engine ane installing it on the JD mower I have ?????

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