John Deere X700 Ultimate

I have been a lawncare enthusiast for many years and I can honestly say that this is the best riding mower I have ever purchased. I bought it about a month ago and I haven't looked back. The X700 has 23 horsepower and powersteering.It is very easy to turn when riding it and is a very smooth ride. I can honestly say that it is like driving a car. There is even an outlet on the mower so I can plug in an appliance. The grass bag comes out easily and I can empty it effortlessly.

The mower even has headlights! The body is also very durable. I accidently backed into it once in my car and there wasn't even a dent on it. The X700 has cruise control, which is very convenient for those long patches of grass. The adjustable height-of-cut option for cutting the grass is very versatile. The heights range from 1 to 5 1/4 inches. I have cut my mowing time in half ever since I bought this. My old mower used to give me so many problems. (A Poulan 5 speed) But this mower hasn't given me any problems to date.

It has a sleek look and it has been the envy of my neighbors. In fact, two of them went out and bought the X700 after me! From what I've experienced, the engine is very low maintenance. I just had it checked out by a mower-mechanic friend of mine and he told me that everything is still running perfectly and doesn't need to be serviced yet.

I am truly impressed with the quality of product that the John Deere company makes and I will certainly, without a doubt be getting my next mower from them. That is, if this one ever gives out on me.

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