John Deere X700

by apematt
(Bath NY)

First off, let me say WOW!! This lawnmower is a beast. It is the go anywhere, do anything of lawnmowers. It can handle anything you throw at it. And the ability to continue mowing in reverse is nice as well.

This lawnmower is precision cutting, with several different settings for mower deck height. I opted for the 26 in. optional tires, and boy am I glad I did.

Those puppies combined with the powerhouse of an engine make this mower able to go anywhere. And when I say powerhouse, I mean powerhouse!

This engine can putt right along at almost 10 miles and hour! That means you can do your lawn in like 10 minutes!

The only con I do have about this mower is the fact that it is fairly noisy, but when your mowing your lawn, why should noise matter?

Just make sure you do not mow early in the morning, as the neighbors probably will not appreciate it.

Overall, this is a true mans mower. All men should have one of these. After you ride this thing, you will realize why they say nothing runs like a Deere.

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Jun 13, 2009
Best Mower John Deere Makes!!
by: Anonymous

This X700 is awesome, it will cut grass 5 foot in height and never bog down, I have a 2008 X700 and it was worth every penny...The torque and power is unbelievable...Dont hesitate to own this mower, I cut about 7-8 acres every Saturday and couldnt ask for a better equipped mower..

Feb 06, 2009
Built to last
by: Anonymous

I never mowed the grass until we got this new mower. It is very easy to use and even the 11 year old loves to use the mower. It is powerful and really easy to maneuverable around trees and edges of the garden.

It has a power outlet where I can plug in my CD player which makes mowing that much more enjoyable. It has a cruise control which helps me to just set a speed and mow the yard without thinking about keeping my foot on the gas.

I absolutely love that the steering wheel can move so that it is comfortable for both me and my husband to mow. The seat is more comfortable than any other seat I have ever sat in to mow the yard. This mower is overall unlike any other mower we have ever owned and that is why I think I like to mow the yard.

We use the mower all year long, in the winter we hook up a small plow to the front and use it to plow our driveway. Sometime we use it to help out the neighbors with their snow removal needs. This is a mower that I can see us using for many years to come because it is built to last.

I have recommended this mower to quite a few friends because we love this mower so much. Anyone who asks for advice about what kind of mower to buy, this is always the one that we recommend.

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