Keep Your Garden Happy

by Kristina
(Tampa, FL)

Never overcrowd your garden, make sure everything has room to thrive. Knowing your abilities as a gardener and getting advice and doing research are key.

You need to keep the plant fertilized and watered appropriately, by following guidelines for the plant type. Weed when necessary and keep plants trimmed.

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Aug 27, 2008
overcrowding the garden
by: Anonymous

This is so true. This year we planted brocolli and since we had never planted it before we really had no idea how very large they would get. We ended up loosing one of the plants due to over crowding. Next year we can plant only two where we had planted three. Live and learn. We also overcrowded our potatoes but for some reason they did just great.

Jul 08, 2008
i like it
by: satheesh

ya! i really agree with you. allowing all to the garden is not good. they may damage the flowers in the garden

Jul 07, 2008
A Happy Garden
by: Margaret

It is true that overcrowding a garden will diminish the yield from the garden. When all parts of a plant have access to the sun, they all get a chance to grow equally. For example, just look at a forest. The trees tend to be sparce on the bottom because they all are reaching toward the sun.
To water and fertalize appropriately will keep your garden in good shape. Just remember that it is better to water in the early morning than at night. If you water in the evening, the plants and soil stay too wet overnight, leading to the growth of fungus. Watering during the heat of the day is only bad because the water will evaporate too quickly and not do it's job.

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