Kubota ZD321

by Alex

I have a Kubota ZD321 and it is the best lawn mover I have ever used. I have previously owned other non Zero Turn mowers… two Kubotas and one craftsman’s (never again).

The Kubota never gives me any trouble. I do the regular maintenance on it and everything is fine. I cut my yard (8 acres) in about 3-4 hours depending how long the grass is. I have to sharpen the blades every 6 months to every year and they cut like a dream.

It takes a very tall grass and me going too fast for this mower to even bog down.

The only thing I have a small problem with is when the grass is wet watch out. This machine is so heavy it will rut up your yard in a heartbeat.

Not to mention if you start spinning too much you will have to get off and pull it out with a truck because it won’t move until the ground dries up. I have gotten stuck 5 or 6 times… the first time I ended up putting huge ruts in the yard.

The next time I felt myself start to spin I just got off and hooked up the truck and out It came… no ruts.. I would also like to mention that I use farm grade diesel which I can get because I use it for my mower and tractor.

This is much cheaper than gasoline. In the long run I would say it almost pays for itself. I never have to pay to get it fixed like I did my craftsman.

Kubota in general is just a very good brand and I would recommend it to everyone who asks what kind of mower they should buy.

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