Lawn Boy 6.75hp Mower

I bought this bad boy Lawn Boy mower at Lowes. I thought I was in for an overly complicated, missing pieces, hard as heck set up. Man-I was wrong. When I got it home and out of the box, the setup ended up being idiot proof.

After taking it out of the box it came it, all I had to do was adjust the handle to my likening, add the oil that came with the mower, add the gasoline and then push the primer button once or twice. I was surprised when the mower started with ease with one pull. What I like best about my Lawn Boy is the handle has foam grips that don’t hurt your hands, it adjusts on it’s on to how fast I am I walking and it has a neat safety feature that kills the engine within seconds of letting go of the handle.

The wider front wheels spreads out the weight of the mower making it easy to maneuver, and it comes with smaller insert wheels that allow one to get close to flower beats, trees or sprinkler heads.

While my neighbors use full size riding lawn mowers that move slower than a large truck, this bad boy does circles around them. For a lawn mower, this is light weight, easy to maintain. Changing the oil and oil filter on it has been a breeze, taking only seconds and with almost no mess.

It also uses gas wisely, and I can mow my lawn a good 3 or 4 times before I need to buy more gas for it.

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