Lawn Boy Insight Model #10662

by cjk1981

I have had this mower for a while now and it is a pretty reliable push mower for smaller yards. It has a pull cord for starting and never takes more than a couple of pulls to get going. The mower deck is only 21" wide, which is why I would not recommend it for larger yards. The handle is collapsible, which allows you to store it in a smaller space.

It has adjustable wheels, so you can set the cutting height from 1-4 inches. It is a mulching mower and comes with a detachable grass collection bag. You can either use the bag or detach it and easily convert the mower to a side discharge for grass clippings. I prefer the side discharge method, as the opening between the mower and the bag tends to get clogged when the grass is longer. It is advertised as self propelled, but it does not have the size or oomph to maneuver over uneven ground.

The mower uses a blend of gasoline and two cycle engine oil, so it does not need oil changes. I have kept it fairly well-maintained by sharpening the cutting blades annually and changing the spark plug and the fuel filter every other year. You must be careful when blending your gasoline and oil that you get the proportions right. I accidentally put about an extra ounce or two of oil in a two gallon can of gasoline and decided to use it anyway. The mower coughed, choked, and smoked like crazy until the oil heavy fuel was used up.

In summary, if you have a smaller yard, this mower is a reliable, long-lasting, and most importantly, inexpensive option for your lawn care. It is relatively low maintenance and will give you years of service. I would definitely recommend it.

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