Lawn Boy Self Propelled Walk Power Mower Model 10641

This lawn Mower is very nice, the green shade is nice, and easily spotable from above if you have a huge lawn like me, and take breaks. The lawn mower feels great, and does not feel cheap at all, all metal constructions and its pretty fast, but il get to that later. It comes with no oil in the mower, but has some low quality oil in the box, so I used my own.

Starting it up was a breeze, just pour gasoline in and thats it, Pull the cord, and its on usually in one to three pulls. or one really strong pull starts it instantly. This lawn mower has mulitple features such as the self propelled, and the mulching. I like the self propelled because it takes the work out of it, and makes going up hills easier and safer.

The only thing I can see wrong with the lawn mower, and I had problems with the first 10 minutes was that the mulching thing doesn't spit the grass out fast enough, and the grass just accumulates on the blade. This only happens with grass over 1 foot, and if you have the bag on it, its no big deal. Great mulching I use it for my composting and it is great

The engine runs very nicely, it starts amazing fast, and i was surprised that I didn't have to prime it or anything. No vibration at all and it doesn't rattle like my old one.

It has adjustable feet so you can match your grass with you bigger mower so its a seemless integration of grass cuttings. Nice tires on it too, softer rubber over hard rubber that will last a long time.

The only weak spot I can see on the mower is the flap to the mulching it seems like the springs will pop off, and break, but it hasn't so far.

Overall this lawnmower has what I wanted and in a price range I wanted too. Moves fast with the self propelling thing and it will pull you, it is very strong and great.

Buy one you wont be disappointed!!

- Strong
- Safe
- Easy to use

- Mulcher not fast enough

5 out of 5

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Sep 05, 2013
left outside and runs like a champ
by: Ed C

We bought a 10641 mower about 2-3 years ago. Selling point was the 'start on first pull'. Well it right. The mower has be left outside all of the time as the storage shed is full of a tractor that won't run. Gotten rained on, snowed (2 feet) on and wind blown. Check the oil and gas before pulling the rope, and find the chute that fell off when my wife used it. Pull the engine so that it is on the compression stroke, then give it a good pull. And I have a running mower. I wish I could put this engine on my 5kw generator. I am getting to old to have to pull a rope 20 - 30 time and give up. This is the best mower I have gotten in a very long time.

May 12, 2013
Starter recoil rope
by: Mark G.

My starter assembly appears to be riveted to the engine block (not screwed). At am at a loss at how to remove it to get the starter rope back on the spring. Any ideas? Thanks!

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