Lawn Boy Tecumseh 22" 156cc

by Bo
(Appleton, WI)

I am pleased with the performance of the Tecumseh mower I purchased. The mower is two years old and has been used regularly. The 22” sweep and mulching option are perfect for my yard.

The mulching option at times creates some choking out in thicker areas of my yard, but the solution is to keep my lawn trimmed more frequently (or just go a bit more slow through the thick spots).

If the mower had a bit more power for the thicker areas, the choking out may not occur as frequently. The engine is 156cc and I am pleased that the five gallons of gas that I bought lasted me throughout two seasons. The time it takes for me to cut my lawn is about one hour and I cut my lawn at least once a week.

I recommend this mower for anyone that appreciates a cost effective mower that is easy to use.

The mower has minimum maintenance in comparison to other mowers I have used in the past. I have worked landscaping and yard care for many years and I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to regularly work on the mower every time I want to cut the lawn.

The best feature of the mower is the mulching option. The quick switch to mulching is great and the mulcher is efficient enough that I have not needed to rake any clippings.

The feature that could be improved is the wheel diameter. I have some spots in my yard that larger wheels would be beneficial.

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