I have been working as a landscaper since I was fourteen years old. I work for somebody in my town with a landscaping business. The whole business is done using a pickup truck, four lawnmowers, and a few workers.

We cut 162 lawns a week every week and since we only use small lawnboys, we work fast. Since I have been a landscaper for some period of time now, I consider myself experienced with a few different models of lawnboys. This lawnmower is not too heavy so we always carry the lawnmower on and off the truck without too much trouble.

If your not really paying attention while mowing and bang into something or come down off the curb and slam the mower on the street, the height adjusters start to loosen. If they become progressively looser you will find that you could be mowing a lawn and all of a sudden a wheel slips from 6 to 1 and now your scalping your customers lawn.

Another thing that could happen from heavy usage of the lawnmower is the rip cord will break and you have to go to the mower shop and replace it You also have to pay attention to how your going to approach mowing the lawn when you mow with this mower because the bag hangs off the side of the mower. You have to be conscious as to not mow with the bag out and hit into things. Overall I would recommend this mower because it is simple to use.

- Easy, simple to use
- Two cycle engine

- Height adjusters may break easily
- Bag on the side


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Jul 21, 2014
good mower
by: Anonymous

I bought the 10550 about 10 years ago. It ran great, then this year I started having problems with surging and oil smoke. That seemed to be a too rich condition. Found a sight on-line discussing this problem and several people reported fixing this by drilling out the jets. I thought this to be pretty drastic since it used to run fine. Rebuilt carb. Still had problems. Then quite by accident as I was trying to remove the governor vane, I discovered the G-spring adjustment knob at the base of the vane. 3 0r 4 clockwise clicks on the adjustment and the mower is back to its original running condition.

May 15, 2014
Best Lawn Mower I have EVER OWNED!!
by: Jennifur Foxx

I had a big dilemma when I bought this mower because of the high price tag, but after I started using it and got familiar with it, I honestly felt it was the best investment I ever made in a mower. My father bought a lawn boy a few months before I was born and 28 years later he sold it for more $ than he bought it for. Well worth it, so I followed in his footsteps and bought a gold pro 10550. I unfortunately put a good amount of money into it to keep it looking pretty and got new coverings and all and repainted it and what do you know, Someone stole it from my house while I was away on a work trip. Im now contemplating trying to find the best used one and order a slew of new parts to get my baby back. My neighbor just gave me a 10686 for free and now I know why, the carburetor is messed up and the thing wont run for more than 60 seconds and it stalls out and it seems like it wont get fuel from the tank??? Ill have to take it somewhere to get the carb rebuilt and new fuel lines and a new primer bulb maybe its getting air in it. Back to it, the 10550 was the absolute BEST mower on the planet, I took great care of it and it took great care of me. Started first pull for over 10 years. I cleaned the spark plug with a sand blaster every month, balanced the blade and sharpened it monthly as well and she was a queen for me. Shame they don't make it anymore, I would pay mega bucks to get another one brand new.
If anyone has one new for sale please let me know!@!! Harley_Foxx@yahoo.Com
Thank you

Apr 03, 2012
No More Lawnboys
by: Dan P.

I had a two stroke lawnboy for 21 years.
The only reason I replaced it was that I couldn't get a bagger for it. They no longer supported the mower. So I replaced it with a self propelled electric start Gold series.
The first time I used it the belt came off and was chewed up by the blade. Took it to the dealer and was charge $75.00 to replace the belt. I was told it was probably my fault. The grass must have been too long. I have use it for two years since and havent had a problem with the belt.
Of course the electric stop working after a year and other minor problems, BNut I would never buy another Lawn boy. The warrenty is a joke. Very disapointed.

Nov 07, 2009
shot life
by: Anonymous

The worst Lawn boy I have ever owned since the 60's. Ignition module failed at 3yr. warranty period. Now it won't start again.

They must be designed with a 3yr life expectation! I have also replaced self propel cable last week. I am afraid to buy another e stride lawn boy and also toro E stride mowers who own lawn boy.

The sign of
the times most, everything is junk

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