Lawnboy Gold Walk behind Mower

by Heather
(Grand Junction, CO USA)

I recently purchased the Lawnboy Gold Walk behind Mower. I mostly have always had the Honda Mowers and an old fashioned push mower.For the most part this has been a great mower so far. Lots of power to cut through just about anything.

We've never had any problems from short grass to knee high. It doesn't fade or even try to quit even when the grass has been wet. Also very very easy to push or should I say follow. Once you lift the drive lever the mower just goes off on it's own (literally).

This mower gives me an workout just trying to keep up with it. This would be a great mower for someone who cannot push as it really does just take off.

It's also very easy to start and has, to me, a nice handle as it's easy to grasp not like some that I've had where it was just a T shape.

This mower also came with a bag for the clippings or you can also leave on the attachment to let it turn the grass into almost like a fine compost.

All in all this has been one of the better mowers that I have owned. Easy to start, easy to mow, easy to maintain.

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