Lowe's Mower 12.5/38 with Briggs and Stratton Engine

My great uncle actually bought this tractor in nineteen ninety three, from a Lowe's store in Lynchburg, Virginia for about nine hundred and seventeen dollars...I have the receipt. He mowed with it until two thousand and three. When he passed away, I got the tractor because we have such a big yard.

Other than replacing the carriage bolts, battery, blade sharpening and a yearly tune it is very low maintenence.

Simple to operate and easy to drive. I do wish the cutting radius was bigger so it would take less time to mow and that it would not stall out when I reversed with the blade engaged.

I mow about 3 acres with it from spring to fall and it does a good job. Hey, I got it for free and it rocks.....

I think it has a Briggs and Stratton 12.5 horse power but it's not the quiet version. :) I think it's from the 700 series??? It has a key to start and is very easy to start up. It's a bit loud. It's easy to check the oil and put oil in.

The manuals that came with it (my uncle saved everything) explain how to check spark plugs etc. so that even a lawn mower dummy like myself can follow along.

The battery under the seat is easy to access and the hint in the book to add water before replacing your battery saved me the cost of a new battery.

My uncle had written down that it had a two year warranty but I don't think that he ever had to take it back in.

Overall, I am impressed with the toughness of this mower and engine and would buy another like it. But only when this is clean worn out!!

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Aug 13, 2011
by: Lady from PA

OMG I love this mower but can't find belts or belt. Whatever, my husband deals with it. Lowes said they had no record to help get the right belt. Do you know anything? Thanks!

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