MowJoe 14" Electric Push Mower Model MJ401E

by Ruth Schwan
(Mansfield ohio, USA)

I bought this specific mower a few weeks ago, and am delighted its just what I needed. I need to mow my grass at 2 or 3 in the morning, and that can be annoying to some neighbors whose dogs keep me awake at this vary time!

Figured the electric one would be quiet, bag its own clippings and not cost an arm and a leg. For the $199 I paid for it I am pleased and then some! No noise at night, no one has complained or called the police.

The bagger is a rigid one, not material, it needs emptied quite a bit since its small, and my grass gets over the height its designed for. But its easy to get off and on, even in the dark. Even though it has 3 settings for adjustment I'm always over those, but it plows right through. The extension cord fits with out a problem and I tie it up further as not to get hung up on things.

If one has limited space this stores easily in smaller places and since it only weighs about 30 pounds, I can lift it to hang on the garage wall with no effort. Its starts real easy to, just push its button and away you go. You don't have to poke and poke at it for it to start.

It also trims and fits in those tight places I have around mulch beds, trees and other yard ornaments. It manouvers well for having plastic wheels, they go with the mower without hanging up or dragging. Gets up along fences pretty good too.

While there aren't many made in USA mowers out there, this one while being foreign made comes with a 2 year warrantee, you need not buy an extended warrantee with this one, when most only come with a 1 year. Some assembly was required when it arrived, I don't read well those instruction manuals, but diagrams did me fine and required simple regular household tools, such as a screw driver.

- quiet
- small and light

- small rigid bagger

4 out of 5

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