MTD 679 riding lawn mower


I bought an MTD riding lawn mower after our Toro Lawn mower wore out. We had originally been interested in another Toro but the dealer had such a great deal on the MTD model 679 that we couldn't pass it up!

We have owned this model for several years not and have only had one problem with it besides the regular expected maintenance work. The only problem we have ever had was the belt coming off which was covered under the warrant.

We have a very uneven yard and this mower has held up well to the harring of riding over all those bumps and mole hills in the yard. It has a very even cut regardless of the bumps. It is very easy to operate. Even my 12 year old son has no problem mowing on it. I do like the safety feature of the mower shutting down if there is not enough weight on the seat. For one reason this stops small children who do not weigh enough from being able to turn the lawn mower on.

I hate to admit this but we did not get all the oil changes on time and I was a bit worried. However the mower has been just terrific! I fully expect it to last many more years!

In my opinion the MTD riding lawn mower is a great mower for a great price. We have owned the more expensive models and have had less problems with the MTD than the other riding lawn mowers we have owned. I know my father owned his forever and only quit using it after he moved into a condo. His old neighbor that bought it says the little red mower is still going strong (and it is old!)

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