MTD Yard Man push mower

I really like this mower!!! My favorite part about this mower is the Over Head Cam for the ease of starting. I have yet to pull on the starter more than twice to start it, and I have now had this mower for 2 years.

There is a simple to use choke and a very easy pull start. The power has not at all diminished in the second year. All that I had to do for the mower this year is sharpen the blade, and change the oil. The mower has been acting as if it is in brand new condition still. My last mower was a murray and the second year I had that one I had to take it to a repair shop for a tune-up.

The yard man has been tough, strong and durable! I have to mow about .25 acres every week and this mower is defintely up to the job. This mower has larger rear wheels so it will not get stuck in ruts in the lawn, the smaller front wheels are perfect size for easy steering. It has a good sized 22 inch deck for fewer passes to mow the area. It is also light enough that it does not take alot of effort to push this mower.

The last thing I want to add to this paragraph is that I am really happy that it comes with three discharge options, mulching, side discharge, and the bag, which is a decent sized bag

So far the only down sides to this mower that I have seen is that 224 I wish that it had just a little more horse power for those times when you need to mow the really tall grass. or when mulching.

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Sep 01, 2012
yardman mower
by: The Sarge ( Ret Army)

I had a home built in 07 and bought my mower in July of that year. I use it to mow around the trees and the hedges as we have an acre and a half of land. I haven't had one problem with my mower for the 5 plus years I have had it. When we first got it I only had the street and around the house to mow and it was great.If you take care of this mower each year,replace the plug clean the filter and replace the fule filter you should not have any problems.I always drain the gas out when it is ready for the winter,yes in Florida we don't mow in the winter.

Aug 07, 2012
by: JIM A.

I bought my lawn mower with the Honda engine thinking I was a smart consumer. Well Ive the choke looked at by a lawn mower repairman and it still sputters, idles up and down by itself smokes puffs of black smoke. And yes it starts on the first pull. What a piece of crap engine. It is the automatic choke, if I could remove that part the engine would be fine. Ive cleaned and yes replaced the spark plug, the choke is running the engine to rich and it sputters constantly.

Aug 30, 2011
I think I got a lemon
by: Anonymous

We purchased our first home in July and bought a Yard Man Lawnmower at Walmart two weeks later. It's now the end of August and the lawn mower is difficult to start, idles up and down, sputters, dies and smokes like a chimney when it does run. Of course I used my debit card to purchase it and I can't find the receipt. Otherwise I would return it to the store.

Jun 20, 2011
whats up
by: miles fortson

This mowet starts easy but the whole time its running its idleing up and down, I brought one back to wally world and got this one with a bag thinking the more expensive one would run better but it does the same up and down ideling do all of them do this or did I get two bad apples from the same place.

Mar 11, 2011
answer to the man with the bent shaft
by: Anonymous

I have used one of these mowers for seven years without any problems - if you have a bent shaft then you have had to hit a stump or the edge of a sidewalk or something solid for the shaft don't just bend over for no reason. If you hit something solid while the moter was running it is easy to bend a shaft of any brand of motor. My mower has been in rough places and is as tough as any mower that has been on the market in the last few years. There is no way for a shaft to just bend over from cutting grass so you had to hit something.

Aug 17, 2010
engine shaft
by: Anonymous

I would really love to know how many people out there has had a problem with the engine shaft of this MTD Yard Man? I bought this thing in April, and by August it is useless. What a piece of shit. I've never had a shaft bend on me. Is it made out of tin foil? I have never been so disgusted with anything in my life. What a waste of $200.00 that I just buried in my back yard. Makes you wonder about their warranty and what kind-of a crooked business they have. Good thing I have a decent lawyer. I hope I hear from some of you.

Mar 22, 2009
Easy oil changes
by: James

I have had this Push Mower from Yard Man for about 6 weeks, I have been pleasantly surprised by this mower as I didn't really expect much out of a $200 mower. It does have a Honda engine and a 21" blade, which I thought was a nice plus. It was very simple to put together, only took about 10 - 12 minutes.

Seems like the construction is quite solid and I have not yet had a problem with the starting, so far it has been 1 pull starts. I like the placement of the oil fill port, it will make for easy oil changes, the air filter is a very easy pull and swap as well, it is nice not to have to unscrew 17 different things to get at the air filter for a lawn mower. The mower has much larger rear wheels to avoid getting stuck in small potholes in the lawn, plus with 9 height adjustments you can pretty much be guaranteed to get the right cut for what you need.

I also really like how it is incredibly seamless to switch from the mulch to side discharge to the bag. So far the only things that i have been able to find about this mower that I am really that keen on has been the automatic choke, you really must start the mower right away after moving the choke into position, otherwise you run the risk of flooding the engine.

I would certainly say that for $208.00 this has really been one of the better mowers that I have ever owned. For the price you really cant beat it. If I were asked by a neighbor what mower to get I would certainly recommend this one. I just hope that it lasts as long as my last mower did, and that I am not getting too excited to early. Guess I will have to come back later and update my review.

I know that all of you will be on the edge of your seats until I return to finish with an updated review.

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