MTD Yardworks lawn tractor

I bought an MTD Yardworks lawn tractor last year. It is powered by a 13.5hp Briggs and Stratton motor. As far as lawn tractors go, this isn't top of the line by any standards but the price was right with a pretty good warranty.

I bought it not expecting much but hoped it would do the trick. I just didn't have the funds for a more expensive John Deere or the such. I have to say, this little tractor has surprised me. I have 2 acres of property, one acre wooded and one is lawn.

This ride-on has received some pretty heavy abuse and has pulled through with flying colors. Not only does it mow my lawn but I hauled 10 foot logs out of my wooded area with it. I was so impressed by its stamina, I bought a plow attachment for the winter.

Here in Canada temps can go pretty low in the winter and yet she starts up without fail and plows through snow that is over a foot at times..with the help of tire chains of course. I have no complaints and the only problem I've had was a frozen throttle cable.

The cable was replaced under warranty and I would also like to add that the customer services MTD offers is nothing but the best. Great little tractor!

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May 20, 2011
Bad Motor
by: D Klyne

I bought an MTD 17.5horse Briggs and Stratton mower in June 2009, It has burnt oil since day 1, I took it back and was told that was because I was using regular gas in it! Their guy who they contracted warranty repairs cleaned up the spark plug and the carb, put premium gas in it and said it was fixed! When I got it home it still burnt oil! In the mean time the contractor went under! When I took it back, the new contractor said that the rings hadn't seated because I was using 10-30 oil and when he asked me about the spark plug which had been stripped by the previous contractor, he accused me of stripping it!!! MTD is now saying that the warranty was voided when I stripped the plug!! I'm still fighting with them and may have to take them to small claims court to get them to stand behind their warranty!!!!!!

Sep 29, 2010
MTD Yardwors lawn tractor
by: Paul Faulkenham

I've had two MTD Yardworks Lawn Tactors and had nothing but problems with the transmissions. If you've got one and had no problems maybe you just got lucky

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