Murray 190cc Self Propelled mower

So I purchased this mower from this local gardening/equipment shop because of its sleek silver and black look, I know you aren't supposed to buy it just because "it looks cool" but I figured for the price it meant quality, yes I know another bad reason to buy haha.

However this mower literally "kicked ass" its self propelled engine was something I wasn't used to so it was a nice change compared to my old one you had to completely push, but I have been using for about 4 months until the winter came and broke it out as soon as spring came, and it cut at a good even level so if you want a great looking cut lawn id suggest buying this mower..

You could probably even use it to chop down all your weeds if you don't have lawn haha. I also liked the ease of the removal of the bag, I remember my old mower getting this spring contraption stuck every time I tried to get it off and it also picks up all the grass unlike my old one, and yes I know better than to leave the bag full so I know it wasn't that!

I think i'll keep it until I upgrade to a riding mower. It would seem as if Murray is a great mower brand. The only problem I have had with this mower was the choke got stuck a few times, I think i'll just oil it a little and hopefully that does the trick if not I got the extended warranty offered by the shop anyway!

I hope my review could be some help to those looking at this particular machine! Oh and another big plus for this before I forget was the height it cut at, it left my grass at a good 2 inch length i'd say, haven't actually gone to measure it!

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